Our Partner Ecosystem

Astrix Maintains a Broad Array of Service Partnerships and Capabilities with Industry Leading Laboratory Informatics, Pharmacovigilance, and Clinical & Regulatory Vendors.

Astrix has partnered with the leading software laboratory informatics vendors in the industry in order to serve our customers more effectively. Our partnerships are based on a shared passion for excellence and creating customer value, along with a mutual dedication towards evolving the best software solutions for the industry. We believe that a strong and vibrant vendor partner program is essential for providing best-of-breed laboratory IT solutions integrated across the enterprise.

Astrix Official Partnerships

Thermofisher provides a variety of solutions for R&D including:

  • SampleManager
  • Core LIMS
  • Nautilus
  • CDS-Atlas & Chromeleon

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Astrix Partners with Biovia to implement and support lab solutions such as:

  • SmartLab, One Lab, Foundation
  • Workbook, Notebook
  • CISPro, Compose & Capture
  • Pipeline Pilot

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LabVantage Provides a variety of solutions for the lab including:

  • LIMS
  • ELN
  • LES
  • SDMS
  • BioBanking

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veeva partner certification badge

Veeva is a leading provide of cloud-based solutions for the clinical research including:

  • Vault CTMS
  • Vault Payments
  • Vault Study Training
  • Vault eTMF
  • Vault Study Start-Up
  • Vault RIM
  • Vault Submissions
  • Vault Submissions Archive

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The Scitara Digital Lab Exchange DLXTM

Scitara DLX, the first iPaaS for Science, is a secure, compliant technology and service suite that connects your entire enterprise to a global, cloud-based digital platform.

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L7 Informatics provides innovative solutions for R&D that span a broad range of software tools that include:

  • ELN
  • HUB

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Benchling is a leading provide of cloud-based solutions for the lab including:

  • ELN
  • Inventory
  • Registry
  • Request
  • Molecular Biology

Astrix maintains expert-level resources for this quality Lab Informatics solution who’s suite of products include:

  • LIMS
  • ELN
  • LES & SDMS
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile & Cloud Services


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Eusoft brings a full suite of solutions for the lab including:

  • LIMS
  • ELN
  • SDMS
  • All in one SaaS Platform

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Agilent is Chromatography Data Solution that helps your lab to ensure a high level of data integrity with its primary solution:

  • OpenLab CDS


In addition to our strategic partnerships listed above, Astrix Maintains high levels of expertise in a wide array of LIMS, ELN, RIM, BI and ERP Solutions Such as the ones listed below:

Labware provides a a variety of LIMS solutions deployed in SaaS, Managed Hosting and On Premise along with their ELN and related laboratory monitoring solutions.  Astrix has extensive experience in LabWare implementations, training, upgrades and validation.

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