Our Work in Data Governance

Enabling the Next Generation in Data Governance & Digital Asset Management

More than a foundation for any planned digital transformation, todays data governance systems and processes must ensure the integrity of data-driven programs that are growing in complexity.

Astrix’s team understand that success in this critical area requires pragmatic assessment of data quality, strategies, methods, and tools for data governance, along with planning for optimized management of digital assets across the entire organizations.

To support our clients in planning, designing, implementing, and managing their Digital Management and Governance programs we have assembled these resources for supporting you with current, expert insights into how you can succeed in implementing a program that will enhance your operations today, along the road to accomplishing your goals for digital transformation.

Supporting Business Priorities

Our expertise is sought by many of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that need to improve their data quality, adherence to data standards, and digital asset management. As a trusted expert partner in Data Governance and Digital Transformation, we bring two decades of experience to enable our clients to assess their data challenges, to develop a strategy to transform their data management approach, and to design and implement a data governance framework that can be pragmatically deployed with remarkable success.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Critically assess data quality issues
  • Design data governance policies
  • Construct data governance frameworks
  • Identify and plan remedies for problem areas
  • Optimize data flow and management across the organization
  • Improve data quality and integrity


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