Prep Your Data, Systems, Operations, and People for AI with Astrix

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the biggest technology trend since cloud computing.   AI promises unparalleled productivity, speed, and insights – but, harnessing its power requires a trusted partner who can bring together unrivaled life science domain expertise, business acumen, and technical know-how to prepare your business for AI in laboratories and beyond. 

Any AI journey begins with strategy, planning, supporting technology selection, and data prep so AI engines can build its base of knowledge through machine learning and large language model (LLM) training. 

For nearly 30 years, Astrix has proven itself time and time again the industry experts in delivering the best people, processes, and technology in the life science & scientific community.   Astrix will accelerate your readiness for leveraging the power of AI by partnering with your business to quickly develop a strategy, prepare your data & systems for AI, and operationalize outputs so that your team members can make better decisions, faster.

With Astrix, you get a trusted partner to prepare your business and data for AI:

  • Strategize for the best use of AI in and around your laboratories and clinical & regulatory practices.
  • Develop a plan for operationalizing AI.
  • Select the correct mix of technologies to implement which will support AI.
  • Ready your data, train models, and prepare people for AI.
  • Operationalize and deploy AI in your systems using standalone or vendor specific AI technology.

Preparing the Life Science Industry for AI

  • Business & Technical Strategy – Develop a strategy and select the best mix of industry-leading technologies to accelerate AI use.
  • Data Preparation – prepare your infrastructure, systems, and data for ingestion into AI learners for machine learning and LLM learning.
  • Model Training & Curation – Train models across a variety of techniques and ready LLMs for generative AI deployment.
  • Business Implementation – Implement models and outputs into existing systems, processes, and teams.

We are ready to Help.  Astrix can assist with getting your AI initiative off on the right foot. Contact our team to discuss your needs and learn more about our team’s capabilities in this exciting space.

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