Our Work in Biotechnology Manufacturing

Insight-powered guidance and solutions leveraging today’s technologies.

Our deepest roots are in the biotechnology manufacturing area which puts our evolving 25+ years of experience in this sector, originating in laboratory informatics, at the core of our industry-leading expertise.

Astrix continues to provide our clients in the biotech manufacturing sector with insight-powered guidance and solutions to meet they dynamic and ever-changing needs of this challenging space.

Our Offerings 

Strategic Planning

Assistance provided by Astrix subject matter experts has, at its core, a deep awareness of the implications and impact that changes in scientific, technical, and regulatory environments can have on our clients’ operations. Our consulting team works closely with clients to develop, support, or lead the creation and implementation of realistic plans using forward-thinking innovation to realize and sustain our clients’ ability to achieve their objectives.

Application & Platform Selection and Customization

to maximize the benefits, while minimizing the interruption of mission-critical processes and operations. Astrix is uniquely independent (receiving no payments or revenue sharing from third-party vendors) so we are especially well-positioned to deliver unbiased decisions that are always client centric.

Program & Change Management

That assists our clients to understand—and construct unique solutions for the significant—and lasting—impact on organizational culture as well as capabilities that accompany changes to technology platforms and tools.

Data Transformation & Analysis

Services provided by Astrix are enabling our clients to turn disparate data into actionable intelligence in ways that serve paramount business needs. While technology breakthroughs in data storage, integration, analytics, AI, and machine learning have opened portholes to remarkable innovations, Astrix delivers the domain and technology expertise to optimize data for enhancing the reliability of evaluations and confidence in decision-making.

Lab Informatics

Services provide our clients with insights and services enabling clients to maximize the reliability and utility of their data. We specialize in developing solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs, leveraging the latest technology and cost-effective strategies for increased efficiency. Market-leading companies are relying on Astrix to help them assess, select, implement, and maximize the power of data-centric platforms that are key to overcoming even the most complex global technical challenges.

Scientific & IT Staffing

Provided by our scientific and technical staffing services provide life science-based companies with innovative solutions to meet a variety of needs. Our team of experts is knowledgeable about a variety of scientific and technical skill sets, including microbiologists, chemists, lab technicians, IT professionals, research scientists, and more. Thanks to our flexible and customizable staffing models we can respond to client needs with a range of contract, project-based, direct hire, and vendor-on-premises solutions.

Some of our Clients Include


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