Scitarais a global provider of cloud-based, industry-specific platforms and solutions for the life sciences industry. The wide diversity of lab instruments, software and web services creates a challenge to manage workflows and digital data that involve multiple vendors and applications, some of which are not PC based. Scitara’s iPaaS for Science, Scitara DLX, connects every device, instrument, system and service in the lab to a common, cloud-based platform. Meet the Modern Lab™.

Our Services for Scitara Customers


Astrix in partnership with Scitara offers innovative solutions for all of your laboratory informatics needs, enabling the lab of the future. Before you take the next step in your digital journey, explore how Astrix and Scitara are transforming the way science-based businesses succeed today.

Astrix’ LIMS services for Scitara DLX include:

  • Business requirement analysis & project management
  • Design and implementation
  • Cloud migration
  • System integration, consolidation, and configuration
  • Data migration
  • Testing and user training
  • Systems validation

Our implementation services begin with  a thorough understanding of your Laboratory’s needs along with mapping current workflows to determine a best vendor fit.  We work to ensure the LIMS implementation is low-risk and highly adopted because we strive to match the right software with the right customer based on needs, skillsets…etc.


More about Scitara Products

Introducing Scitara DLX, the iPaaS for Science

Scitara DLX automates the exchange of data by connecting instruments, applications, web services and informatics systems. Configurable and vendor-agnostic, the platform makes it easy to support legacy systems and integrate new ones. And by providing a built-in audit trail, it can improve regulatory compliance.

Designed for operation in a regulated environment.  Scitara DLX is the first iPaaS for Science.  Scitara DLX delivers a seamless digital data exchange experience, incorporating unparalleled connectivity and unrivaled automation resulting in unprecedented scientific insights and on-time decision making.  Vendor neutral format agnostic and fully compatible with industry standard formats such as Allotrope, AnIML and SiLa. Scitara has created a digital data exchange platform that embraces and connects the natural diversity of laboratory instruments and applications to a lab-wide common communication backbone.

Automation entire laboratory workflows through the easy to use orchestration engine along while enabling intelligent user notifications and remote working capabilities to power the lab of the future.

Astrix’s Resource Library : Scitara Technology


Solving the Unsolvable: Enabling the Fully Connected Digital Lab

Scitara’s solutions are powering the digital transformation of scientific laboratories by enabling them with modern lab data connectivity infrastructure and tools to accelerate science.

Scitara – The benefits of developing a digital strategy across the laboratory enterprise

The lack of data connectivity often seen in the Life Sciences industry poses an enormous challenge to digital transformation initiatives.

Laboratory Software Spotlight – Scitara – Transforming Lab Connectivity

The Scitara Cloud-based technology provides a standardized platform for communication and automated workflows lab wide. This dramatically simplifies the overall integration framework and makes automation possible where it was not possible before.

Data Integrity for Scientific Data in Flight

Combining the benefits of modern cloud-based architecture with a vendor-neutral peer-to-peer platform with robust security, compliance, and laboratory-specific functionality provides unprecedented insights into laboratory and scientific operations.

Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Scientific Discoveries

The biopharmaceutical industry is poised to revolutionize the future of healthcare. Challenges that are unique to the industry must be overcome to realize the full potential of these life-changing therapies.

On-demand Webinars:

Accelerating Data Integration Through Tech Enablement

In this webinar we will discuss Scitara DLX, the first iPaaS for Science, that enables a free flowing digital dialog between lab instruments, applications and informatics software and other lab resources. Scitara DLX creates a new compliant integrated paradigm that opens the door to innovation and beneficial changes to business processes in order to speed up drug development and scientific advancement in general.

Orchestrating Digital Transformation in the Scientific Laboratory

Even as scientific instruments and software continue to become more advanced, universal data connectivity in the laboratory has remained a dream. In this webinar, learn more about how Scitara Corporation is making that dream a reality.


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