As a BIOVIA Consulting Partner, Astrix works to collaborate with customers, partners and BIOVIA teams to offer solution-specific consulting to help enterprises build a scalable, integrated, and supported laboratory informatics application landscape.

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Whatever your business needs, our consistent yet customizable Astrix Approach™ will help you get the most from your system. In addition, Astrix has a flexible delivery model (Professional Services, onsite, nearshoring) that we can customize to best meet your needs.

About Biovia

The BIOVIA portfolio integrates the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements, end-to-end, across research, development, QA/QC and manufacturing. Capabilities include Scientific Informatics, Molecular Modeling/Simulation, Data Science, Laboratory Informatics, Formulation Design, BioPharma Quality & Compliance and Manufacturing Analytics. BIOVIA’s Digital Laboratory Informatics capabilities allow for compliant and efficient lab workflows, harmonization and standardization.

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Designing the Unified Lab of the Future with BIOVIA ONE Lab

The need for optimizing operational efficiency while maintaining data integrity is at the core of every laboratory informatics roadmap. Innovative technologies such as BIOVIA ONE Lab, which enable digital transformation, holds the key to driving process improvement and automating daily tasks within the laboratory, but the challenge lies within how to go about this effort?

Creating Validation Documentation for BIOVIA Applications

BIOVIA applications can be utilized to establish a digital thread over the full product lifecycle – from early materials discovery all the way through to product use and the customer experience. The integrated digital environment that is enabled with BIOVIA software provides numerous important benefits such as enhanced innovation, accelerated product development, improved process efficiency, and reduced cost and compliance risk.

Utilizing the BIOVIA ELN with Pipeline Pilot to Enhance R&D

The BIOVIA ELN is a crucial technology that works with Pipeline Pilot in a seamless fashion.  Modern laboratory technologies such as Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) and LIMS have made enormous amounts of data available to scientists in life science laboratories.

Enhancing Drug Discovery with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot is a graphical scientific authoring application that provides a comprehensive environment for the design, training, validation, and deployment of virtual models utilizing advanced analytics.

Chemical Inventory Management Best Practices for BIOVIA CISPro

The BIOVIA CISPro Chemical Inventory System is a comprehensive, web-based, best-in-class solution for multi-site tracking and managing laboratory supplies and chemicals over the full material lifecycle. Best practices in chemical inventory management takes full advantage of the people, processes, and technology involved to drive operational excellence and risk mitigation.

On-Demand Webinars

 Integrating BIOVIA ONELab to Modernize Your Scientific Workflow

Understanding the integration points throughout ONELab will help you understand how to get the most out of the solution. Whether it be Workbook, CISPro, Task Planner, or Compose and Capture, the flexibility exists and now is just a matter of determining the most effective and efficient way to utilize it.

On Demand Webinar – Lab Testing in the 21st Century

Labs in the 21st century are not working as they did in the past. Workflows are digital and connected, environments are harmonized and standardized, lab scientists are collaborating across borders. This requires an intelligent scientific platform that is aware of the context in which scientists operate.

Astrix On Demand Webinar – Accelerating Lab Execution Vitalizing BIOVIA ONELab with Growth in Mind

There is no better time to focus on the future than when expanding the use of a modern-day Laboratory Execution System. Through the capabilities of BIOVIA ONELab, furthering reusability into your process is easier than ever.