Designing the Unified Lab of the Future with BIOVIA ONE Lab


August 12, 2020


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The need for optimizing operational efficiency while maintaining data integrity is at the core of every laboratory informatics roadmap.  Innovative technologies such as BIOVIA ONE Lab, that enable digital transformation holds the key to driving process improvement and automating daily tasks within the laboratory, but the challenge lies within how to go about this effort?  With so many choices for LIMS, ELN, LES, CDS, and Sample Management tools available in the marketplace today, how do you choose the process and platform that is best suited for your digital transformation journey?

Having the right systems in place for each of the primary functions within the laboratory is a critical starting point for digitalizing your workflow, however, unified connectivity between these technologies is what will allow you to transform your operations into the lab of the future.

Transforming your Laboratory Through Connectivity Enables:

  • Seamless integration of the entire process workflow
  • Facilitates an agile transfer of data and information
  • Real-time data and knowledge based decision making
  • Collaboration between teams across multiple sites
  • Eliminates departmental and data silos
  • Real-time data and knowledge based decision making
  • Unified role-based user experience for the lab

Achieving this level of connectivity requires a defined set of operating standards across a platform-based cloud enterprise.  Data collection and storage formats, taxonomies and ontologies, processes, and governance of data management just to name a few, are all examples of areas for standardization.  Deploying your system within a cloud enterprise opens the door to future of laboratory computing.  It allows for on-demand access to a shared network of configured computing resources via the internet, enables mobile accessibility in a time of remote work, offers security and flexibility, increases collaboration and allows for easy management of software and hardware life cycles.  As your laboratory grows, cloud computing facilitates the creation of new virtual computers as user demands increase.

As you embark down the path of your digital transformation journey, new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science have the ability to further automate and transform processes within the laboratory.  AI learns from existing data, identifies patterns in the new data, and offers the ability to make decisions in real time.  Combining cloud technology with AI can perform more complex tasks with less centralized hardware.

BIOVIA ONE Lab provides a comprehensive platform for all of your informatics needs in a unified lab management solution.  The cloud-based connectivity features within ONE Lab enables you to eliminate manual or paper-based processes, develop turn-key methodologies, automate data review, manage sample inventory, and provide audit trail tracking throughout the entire process.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot further optimizes the research innovation process by employing a scalable framework to automate the scientific analysis of data across the enterprise, allowing users to accelerate access to data and easily visualize and report on their research results. It’s deep learning capabilities streamlines the processing and analyzing of image data, while integrating with the relevant numerical, chemical, graphical and textual data across a unified enterprise.

To get the most out of your BIOVIA ONE Lab implementation, it is important to work with a quality informatics consultant who understands the platform, your applications, and your scientific domain, and will work with you to complete the necessary business analysis and requirements gathering surrounding your successful digital transformation journey. Astrix has an experienced team of BIOVIA product experts that can provide services for all your support needs including implementation, instrument and system integration, workflow and method authoring, custom reporting, planning and system administration and user training.

BIOVIA ONE Lab Suite of Products Supported by Astrix:

  • Lab Management (Foundation HUB, Task Plan)
  • Procedure Execution (Compose, Capture & Review)
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (Notebook & Workbook)
  • Materials Management (CISPro, Registration)
  • Data Science (Pipeline Pilot)

BIOVIA’s leading ONE Lab solution, coupled with the services expertise of Astrix, will provide your laboratory with the foundation you need to accelerate a successful digital transformation program both on-premise and in the cloud.

As the premier BIOVIA Services partner, Astrix provides increased value to customers through cost effective design, implementation and/or integration services leveraging BIOVIA applications and software. If you wish to learn more about Astrix services, or if you wish to discuss your overall laboratory informatics strategy with an Astrix expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact us today and let’s begin working on a solution for your most complex strategy, technology and staffing challenges.

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