Astrix Announces Landmark PV Preparedness Self-Assessment

Since Pharmacovigilance programs are designed to manage—if not prevent—surprises, preparedness is a focus of enabling vigilance. To support executives tasked with managing their company’s PV and Safety risk, Astrix has developed the first-of-its-kind Program Preparedness Self-Assessment.

Just as Open-Source software is code that is designed to be publicly accessible, so that everyone can see, change, and distribute the code as they see fit, the Astrix PV Preparedness Self-Assessment is being made freely available for use by the PV/Safety community. Since the tool is being made accessible without registration or obligation users are free to alter or augment it to suit their own needs and environment.

It is important to note that Astrix neither sells nor resells any software products, the PV Program Preparedness Self-Assessment is not a precursor to recommendations for, or endorsement of, any third-party system.  To the best of the company’s knowledge, this PV assessment is the first of its kind in the industry. This tool can be especially effective in assessing opportunities for action across various areas that are best addressed earlier, rather than later, in the solution evaluation and planning phases.

Why It Matters To You

Now, for the first time, any company with PV/Safety program can perform an assessment using an entirely objective tool (that can also be customized and, if needed, internally scored) without cost, obligation, or concern for vendor bias. The fact that the assessment can be done without a self-interested third party is significant because bias and sales-based interest are being removed from the equation in the subsequent phases of analysis and prioritization.

About Astrix’s PV Practice and This Self-Assessment

The Astrix PV Preparedness Self-Assessment was created by Alan Summer, a veteran of several roles in the PV and Safety area, who leads Pharmacovigilance Solutions Delivery for the company. He brings over 23 years in Pharmacovigilance practice with experience in implementing, supporting, and advising companies in the PV space and has been involved in all phases of the product development cycle. To learn more about Astrix new PV service offerings, please visit our site or contact Alan Summer directly at

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