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Astrix offers a wide variety of services to help companies get the most out of their Waters investment. Our services are designed to maximize efficiency and improve time to result, using the Astrix Approach™. We can provide onsite, onshore, or nearshore resources, depending on your needs, and our flexible delivery model means we can provide a customized project team to deliver the solution that is right for both your business and your budget.

In addition to our expert LIMS implementation services, Astrix offers the following support for Waters Empower 3 and NuGenesis:

  • System Implementation
  • Upgrade Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Validation
  • Training

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About Waters

Waters Corporation is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of chromatography, mass spectrometry, software and thermal analysis innovations. Their instrumentation, consumables and software is used by life science, pharmaceutical, biochemical, industrial, nutritional safety, environmental, academic, and governmental customers working in research and development, quality assurance, and other laboratory applications.

Astrix’s Resource Library : Waters Empower 3 and NuGenesis


Integrating Laboratory Instruments with Waters Empower 3

Waters Empower 3 is continuously upgraded to meet the changing needs of laboratories across all industries. Each new feature release of Empower 3 contains new functionality that is built upon feedback and customer input from these sectors and could thus bring significant benefits to the Laboratory user.

Tips for Upgrading Your Waters Empower 3 System

Empower 3 software enables your organization to effectively manage data generated by all your chromatography instrumentation, plus run different detection techniques and applications, method development and validation, integrated chemical structures, and polymer analysis. As discussed in this blog, upgrading Empower is a great way to improve your overall laboratory informatics ecosystem, but there are a number of best practice recommendations that are important to follow in order to maximize the benefits of the upgrade for your organization.

Tips on Implementing, Maintaining and Validating Empower 3 Software Custom Fields to Maximize Data Integrity

Custom fields are a great tool to minimize any Data Integrity concerns that transcribing data into external systems poses, while at the same time providing huge gains in operational efficiency. By following the best practice recommendations described in this blog, the development and validation of Custom Fields can be done quickly, resulting in a process that is much less time-consuming, more accurate, less prone to errors, easily traceable and more user-friendly.

Best Practices for Integrating LIMS with Empower

As discussed in this blog, integrating Empower and a LIMS is a great way to improve your overall laboratory informatics ecosystem, but there are a number of best practice recommendations that are important to follow in order to maximize the benefits of the integration for your organization.

Tips for Implementing and Validating NuGenesis SDMS File Capture Templates

NuGenesis LMS has the potential to generate significant business value by improving laboratory productivity and efficiency. In this blog, we discuss the best practices associated with implementing and validating NuGenesis SDMS File Capture to help you realize this potential.

Case Studies

Astrix Case Study: Waters Empower Custom Fields Development and Validation

In order to support its growing product line, one of the world’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical compa­nies with an established commercial presence in over 100 different countries engaged Astrix to assist with the development and validation of Waters Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) custom fields. Over 160 custom fields and 200 reports needed to be developed and validated.

The Astrix Impact:

Astrix’s approach on this project was to develop a framework for the development and validation of custom fields that the cus­tomer could utilize effectively and efficiently for future development and validation efforts.

  • Created a process that facilitated proper documentation of custom fields and reports creation and 23 custom fields that would require minimum user inputs and in a generic format that could be re-used in different products/projects.
  • Designed 10 “all in one” reports for the cus­tomer. These reports hold all the information required by the test method (i.e., Standard Summary, Recovery, System Suitability, Sample Results, etc.).
  • Developed and executed validation SOPs, test scripts, templates, traceability matrix etc. to properly create, document and test new custom calculation formulas to assure they generate the expected results.
  • Established a traceability matrix that allowed users to locate and reuse validation documentation for custom calculations that had previously been validated.
  • Trained the customer team on new protocols for using Empower, and all aspects of development, validation and use of custom fields and reports.

White Papers

Transforming your Waters Empower 3 Enterprise into the Digital Lab of the Future

The digital transformation journey of your laboratory starts with the Waters Empower 3 Enterprise at the foundation of your digital lab of the future! Waters Empower 3 software is the leading chromatography data software
(CDS) on the market today. Empower 3 effectively manages all of the chromatography needs within the laboratory from designing a customized, turn-key workflow, the automated analysis of results, developing custom report templates, and data management, to meeting all necessary security and compliance requirements. But that is only the tip of the iceberg!

On-Demand Webinars: 

Leveraging Empower CDS Calculations to Assure Data Integrity

In this webinar, Astrix will discuss the best practices for implementing chromatographic related calculations in Empower to minimize data integrity risks in your laboratory. Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Scope of Chromatographic Calculations
  • General Considerations for Calculations
  • Why you should avoid using External Applications for CDS related calculations
  • How to make sure your calculations are doing what they were meant to do
  • Benefits of having all chromatography related calculations within Empower CDS

How to Maximize NuGenesis SDMS as your Central Location for Analytical Data

Modern analytical laboratories have experienced massive growth in data volumes over the last decade. In order to meet the challenge of turning this data into knowledge, laboratories are looking to automate and integrate laboratory operations and processes as much as possible in order to enhance data integrity and provide digital continuity throughout the product lifecycle. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What is SDMS and how it can simplify your data management and distribution burden.
  • Things to consider when implementing NuGenesis SDMS.
  • Consolidation of data from multiple silos into centralized location and its advantages.
  • NuGenesis SDMS data reuse and distribution possibilities.