Lab Informatics

Tips for Using Pipeline Pilot as an Integration Platform

27 March, 2020

One of the most common integration platforms used in laboratory informatics is […]

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MELLODDY Consortium Employs Federated Learning and Blockchain to Enhance AI Drug Discovery

6 February, 2020

A new consortium of pharmaceutical, technology and academic partners is hoping to […]

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Supporting Life Science IT with Laboratory Informatics as a Service

5 February, 2020

Modern Life Science laboratories typically utilize many different applications and legacy systems […]

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National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research and Upcoming Events – February 2020

3 February, 2020

As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the […]

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Considerations for Cloud Hosting Your Laboratory Informatics Systems

24 January, 2020

Traditional on-premise Laboratory Informatics Systems in scientific laboratories are often accompanied by […]

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2019 Lab Informatics Year in Review

17 January, 2020

Since 1995, Astrix Technology Group has been serving the scientific community by […]

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Integrating Multiple LIMS into a Single System

10 January, 2020

In today’s global economy, mergers and acquisitions have become a dominant strategy […]

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LIMS Master Data Best Practices Part 3: Maintenance and Scalability

20 December, 2019

Master data design has very important impacts over the lifecycle of a […]

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Laboratory Relocation Best Practices

20 December, 2019

The pace of change in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries means that […]

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Benefits and Best Practices for Integrating Laboratory Instruments with LIMS

12 December, 2019

Due to technological advances in laboratory instruments and higher throughput processes, data […]

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