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Digitalization and the Future of Formulating in Modern R&D Labs

Lab Informatics

July 27, 2021

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Formulation development is of critical importance in the research & development (R&D) lifecycle of a product. However, many organizations are struggling to manage the complexity of data arising from the modern formulation process. Advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) hold the potential to predict new formulation performance, provide optimized experimental recommendations and accelerate innovation. Without an effective data-centric digitization strategy in place, these transformative tools remain just out of reach.

Uncountable helps R&D scientists move from isolated spreadsheets and projects to a comprehensive data management system the whole team can work in. Using the latest predictive technology built on secure, cloud-based infrastructure, you can develop innovative products without the hurdles and inefficiencies of yesterday.

Synchronized R&D Transforms Product Development

Whether working in a polymer synthesis, cosmetics development, pharmaceutical formulation, or a paint and coatings lab, the practical data workflows and statistical platforms surrounding formulation development are all quite similar. Preformulation testing, the first stage of the process, involves the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the ingredients for analytical methods development, including the evaluation and QC testing of raw materials. The second stage of the process, formulation, requires extensively testing the combinations of a wide variety of ingredients to achieve the desired characteristics of the final product.

This multilayered process will typically involve testing 5 to 25 substances that may go into a product, with as many as 30 different parameters being measured for the product itself. As many as 90% of materials science and biotech companies are using Excel and laboratory notebooks to manage these processes, creating data siloes that prevent digitization, automation, and the aggregation of data required for predictive formulation data modeling and leveraging cross-project learnings.

The complexities of a data centralization strategy are common across both materials science and biotech, where ‘out of the box’ and ‘homebrew’ systems do not provide scientists and formulators viable solutions to how their data is presented and shared amongst the teams. From raw material lot tracing to compound mixing and final product performance, there is a lot of information to capture effectively.

Uncountable is creating the future of scientific product development with an AI-powered platform for innovative R&D workflows. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence techniques, Uncountable augments the traditional R&D approach to get better products to the market in half the time.

“We need a way to quickly and easily synthesize all that information so that we are flexible enough to cover all of those use cases, but streamlined enough that each step is fluid, easy and responsive for the scientist, tailored to their specific workflow.” – Will Tashman, Founder, Uncountable

Uncountable’s data platform enables collaboration, knowledge management and faster development of products. Scientists can use the platform to store, visualize and analyze critical experiment data from raw ingredients and different suppliers to experimental results. Advanced machine learning models that are layered into this unique platform allows scientists to predict how new formulations perform, and uncover new relationships that they might not have recognized because the analysis is streamlined and surfaces in an intuitive way.


The successful digital transformation of the modern laboratory centers upon solving the complex product development challenges and the ability to effectively harness the vast amount of experimental data collected. As labs start to automate processes and collect data across workflows in hopes of creating a predictive engine to accelerate product development, many scientists remain working out of spreadsheets due to the lack of cohesive informatics solutions that meet the specific needs of the laboratory.

Uncountable is a true partner to R&D teams, providing the right platform for easy integration into scientists’ current workflows to improve knowledge management and uncover new development opportunities. Uncountable’s proprietary machine learning algorithms have been tailored to the complex data environment of scientific experimentation so that you can streamline your data, share key insights across teams and speed innovation to outpace the competition by learning more from each experiment you run.

The Uncountable platform provides a landscape that’s flexible enough to handle the data, but is also a collaborate platform that allows you to uncover new learning that you couldn’t otherwise find in very siloed work environments. Streamlining your workflow while removing the data handoff points and formatting issues enables scientists to move faster, experiment more efficiently, and ultimately make better products. The AI tools that are built into the platform help scientists predict how new formulations will perform, transforming their digitalization effort as they move to a more effective and efficient platform for creating products, thereby accelerating the R&D process.

Why it Matters for You

Scientists are tasked with solving complex product development challenges without the ability to harness the vast amounts of experimental data collected. This results in siloed data and inefficient processes that hinder innovation, ultimately delaying time to market. The fastest path to the best product involves rethinking the way you manage scientific development in the following ways:

  • Implementing the Uncountable software platform enables R&D scientists to move from isolated spreadsheets and projects to a comprehensive data management system that allows for seamless collaboration and utilization of the latest predictive technology so you can develop innovative products without the hurdles and inefficiencies of yesterday.
  • Creating the best data possible can be achieved by planning out your data strategy to maximize R&D resources using Uncountable’s platform to provide the data structure required to be successful in modeling formulation problems effectively while keeping ease-of-use front and center.
  • Using AI visualization tools will unearth new learning and add predictive capabilities to your R&D toolset to accelerate development.

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