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Everything You Need to Know About Vendor-on-Premise – VOP Staffing Programs

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August 11, 2022

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Many business leaders are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. One way to do this is by implementing a vendor-on-premise (VOP) staffing program. When starting projects or implementing new business initiatives, you may need help finding and managing many contract workers. An effective on-premises partner can help you achieve workforce efficiency, engagement, and retention.

This blog provides an overview of VOP programs, their benefits, and a summary of implementation and operations expectations.

If you’re interested in evaluating if a vendor on-premise program is right for you, contact Astrix today to learn more about our vendor on-premise services.

What is a Vendor-On-Premise?

A vendor on premise (VOP) is when a staffing partner provides an onsite consultant to coordinate and manage your temporary staffing needs. This consultant works with your company to determine the type and number of workers needed, as well as oversee the administration and other essential tasks related to staffing.

Benefits of a VOP Staffing Program

The main advantage of vendor-on-premise staffing is that it allows companies to outsource the management of their contract workforce. This includes recruiting, onboarding, training, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. By partnering with a VOP provider, companies can focus on their core business goals and leave the management of their contract workforce to the experts.

Another advantage of vendor-on-premise staffing is that it provides companies with a more flexible workforce. VOP employees can be brought in as needed, which allows companies to ramp up or down their workforce quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is especially beneficial for businesses that are seasonal or have sporadic workloads.

How VOP staffing programs work

Vendor-on-premise staffing programs typically follow a similar process:

  • First, the staffing agency will identify a pool of qualified candidates for the company to choose from. The agency will screen and interview the candidates to ensure they meet the company’s requirements.
  • Once the company has selected its employees, the staffing agency will handle all aspects of payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. The workers will be considered employees of the staffing agency, not the company.
  • The staffing agency will invoice the company on their agreed-upon terms. This invoice will include all hours worked by contract employees.

How to choose the right VOP partner for your needs

If you’re considering a vendor-on-premise program for your company, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. First, you’ll need to identify a reputable staffing agency specializing in VOP programs.
  2. Second, you’ll need to develop clear communication channels between your company and the staffing agency. This includes setting up regular meetings or conference calls to discuss the status of the VOP program and any issues that may arise. By establishing clear lines of communication, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the VOP program is running smoothly.
  3. Finally, you’ll need to establish clear expectations and objectives for the VOP program. This includes defining the scope of work, setting timelines, and agreeing on KPIs. By clearly understanding what you want to achieve with the VOP program, you can ensure that the staffing agency is meeting your company’s needs.

Partner with Astrix for your VOP program needs

Vendor-on-premise staffing programs can be an excellent solution for companies that want to outsource the management of their contract workforce.

Astrix is a leading provider of vendor-on-premise staffing solutions. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to assist you in finding and managing your contract workforce. We’ll work with you to develop a staffing solution that meets your company’s specific needs.

With Astrix, you can focus on your core business goals and leave the management of your contract workforce to us. Trust the experts at Astrix to provide you with the high-quality staff you need to get the job done right.

If you’re considering a VOP program for your company, contact Astrix today to learn more about our vendor on-premise services.



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