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Considerations for Cloud Hosting Your Laboratory Informatics Systems

Posted on Lab Informatics. 24 January, 2020

Traditional on-premise Laboratory Informatics Systems in scientific laboratories are often accompanied by […]

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2019 Lab Informatics Year in Review

Posted on Lab Informatics. 17 January, 2020

Since 1995, Astrix Technology Group has been serving the scientific community by […]

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Integrating Multiple LIMS into a Single System

Posted on Lab Informatics. 10 January, 2020

In today’s global economy, mergers and acquisitions have become a dominant strategy […]

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Benefits and Best Practices for Integrating Laboratory Instruments with LIMS

Posted on Lab Informatics. 12 December, 2019

Due to technological advances in laboratory instruments and higher throughput processes, data […]

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Evaluating Legacy LIMS Part 2: LIMS Migration

Posted on Lab Informatics. 5 December, 2019

Whether due to increases in data volume, regulatory constraints, M&As, globalization, outsourcing, […]

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Evaluating Legacy LIMS Software Part 1: Re-engineering Your System

Posted on Lab Informatics. 20 November, 2019

The first laboratory information management systems (LIMS) were designed as simple tracking […]

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How the UK Biobank is Revolutionizing Precision Medicine

Posted on Lab Informatics. 17 October, 2019

In the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the […]

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Strategies for Surviving an FDA Audit

Posted on Lab Compliance. 10 October, 2019

As part of its mission to ensure public safety, the FDA inspects […]

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Future Proofing Your Lab to Match the Pace of Innovation

Posted on Lab Informatics. 30 September, 2019

The 21st century has seen a rapid increase in the pace of […]

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Enhancing Data Integrity in Clinical Research with Blockchain Technology

Posted on Lab Compliance. 8 August, 2019

Verification of data integrity is a critical part of the FDA’s mission […]

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