Astrix provides comprehensive services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result with Zontal. Our science-based Astrix Approach™ offers clients a wide range of services that can help improve lab operations.

About Zontal

ZONTAL provides the premier data platform tailored for the life science industry. Our platform is at the forefront of digital transformation, delivering innovative solutions that address the intricate challenges faced by large-scale enterprises. Our services streamline IT processes, facilitate the integration of AI/ML applications, accelerate product time-to-market, and enhance regulatory compliance.

With a global presence encompassing the US, Europe, and Asia, ZONTAL is well-positioned to offer seamless support to our clients worldwide. Our network of dedicated integration and service partners enables us to deliver our expertise and solutions in any country and across all time zones, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled support wherever they are.

Our Services

Astrix provides comprehensive  services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result for Zontal.  Core services include:

  • Implementation: Our team can help get your lab up and running quickly on Zontal with our proven implementation methodology.
  • Upgrades: We can help you stay current with the latest features and functionality of Zontal by upgrading your system as new releases become available.
  • Strategic Planning: Our team can help develop a long-term strategy for using Zontal to its fullest potential in your lab.
  • Validation: We have the experience and expertise to help you validate your Zontal system in accordance with industry standards.
  • Training: We offer comprehensive training on all aspects of using Zontal in your lab.

Insights and Resources


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