White Paper – The New Age of Decentralized Clinical Trials


About the White Paper

Astrix delves into this hot topic in the world of Clinical Research and Drug Development with two of our leading experts from the Astrix CRS consulting team.  

We are hearing from our clients, as well as through our experience in the industry, that modernization of clinical trials and the role of decentralized clinical trials are becoming an important focus. As we know, life sciences organizations are facing a changing ecosystem. Patient access-diversity is driving the need for different types of interactions with the various stakeholders, as well as with the sponsors.

It is also impacting how process, technology, interoperability, and digital maturity, are playing a role in providing patient-centric and patient-site enabled services.

About Astrix

Astrix Technology Group provides complete Clinical Research Technology & Strategy consulting services along with our LIMS implementation services and laboratory software development services as part of our complete laboratory technology professional services offering.  Clients are increasingly seeking a strategic IT partner rather than an IT vendor who can not only understand their challenging problems, but also solve them by taking complete ownership during requirement, design, implementation, testing and go-live phases of SDLC.

Astrix is a leader in the field of scientific informatics and laboratory operations and has successfully demonstrated the use of industry wide best practices in the evaluation of work processes, functional and technical requirements, laboratory processes and informatics solution options. Our innovative solutions allow organizations to deploy systems that turn data into knowledge, increase organizational efficiency, improve quality and facilitate regulatory compliance. We have a group of professionals that are dedicated to the laboratory industry that bring together technical, strategic and content knowledge that enables our organization to provide the most effective solutions to problems faced by scientific organizations.  We also offer complete nearshoring options to support competitive pricing strategies for all our services.

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