Mastering Lab Data Management and Data Science with ZONTAL’s Digital Transformation Platform

DATE: 14/09/2023



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Presented by: Dr. Christof Gaenzler, Director Product Marketing and PreSales, ZONTAL and Dr. Dennis Della Corte, Chief Scientific Officer, ZONTAL


The biggest roadblock to Digital Transformation and Data Science is data quality. And mastering FAIR data management can mean significant hurdles for organizations looking to embrace transformation. Managing and analyzing large volumedigital s of data from various sources is complex and time-consuming. And preparing this data for Data Science might be even more. ZONTAL’s Digital Transformation Platform offers a holistic solution to overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of data.

In this webinar, we will explore how ZONTAL’s digital transformation platform helps labs to overcome the three main challenges that labs face when managing data:

  • Data Preservation for ongoing work and from legacy systems
  • Digitalization of the Lab with bi-directional data and metadata flow from and to instruments, robots, entire labs, and even between collaborators
  • Creating a FAIR Data platform to unlock Data Science initiatives in an open standard and ontology.

About Zontal

ZONTAL offers the leading data platform for the life science industry. We make digital transformation a reality as we deliver game changing solutions to some of the most complex enterprises. We reduce IT overhead, enable AI/ML applications, optimize time-to-market, and increase compliance. ZONTAL has offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Together with our integration and service partners, ZONTAL supports our customers globally, in any country and any time-zone.


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