Waters Empower 3 is a chromatography data system (CDS) that links to chromatographic instruments to help facilitate management of chromatography test results through data acquisition, processing, reporting and distribution. Empower 3 generates lots of data with complex calculations and detailed reports and has several tools that address compliance and data integrity concerns such as electronic signatures and audit trails.

Waters Empower 3 is continuously upgraded to meet the changing needs of laboratories across all industries – pharmaceutical QC/RD, food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemical, water and environmental, manufacturing, contract labs, and more. Each new feature release of Empower 3 contains new functionality that is built upon feedback and customer input from these sectors and could thus bring significant benefits to the Laboratory user.

Potential benefits to upgrading your Empower software include:

In this blog, we will discuss tips for upgrading Empower that will help to ensure you maximize the business value for your organization.

Tips for Upgrading Empower

Do Strategic Planning. A strategic informatics roadmap is critical for helping your organization leverage IT investments to achieve maximum business value. An informatics roadmap is essentially a plan for the evolution of the architectural aspects of your laboratory informatics ecosystem over the next 3-5 years. The roadmap will help inform your decision as to whether or not upgrading Empower makes sense at this time.

Gather Information on the Existing Environment. Once the decision to upgrade has been made, you’ll want to gather all relevant information on the existing environment:

Determine Whether You Want to Do an In-Place or In-Parallel Upgrade.

An In-Place upgrade is the scenario that allows in-place server, client and LAC/E upgrades using Empower automated installer and is typically done in smaller all Windows environment.



An In-Parallel upgrade is the scenario where a completely new environment of Dev, QA and/or Prod is built while the older version is in use. This approach can be used with any size of installation, and is typically the “go to” approach for larger, multi-site WAN based installations. System Objects migration can be used to transfer all users, user types, nodes, message center and system audit trail to the new database.



Create Good Project Documentation. For regulatory requirements, the system owners need to document all the relevant information about the system, and track changes to the system after the project ends. As part of the upgrade project, the following documentation should be created:

Develop a Solid and Reliable Training Plan. Before moving into the new version of the system, it is important that users are comfortable on how to operate Empower 3 in order to avoid any performance decrease in the laboratory. Having a good training strategy will reduce the time it takes for a new analyst to be prepared for the laboratory operations.

Create the Right Project Team.  Key members of the project team will include:


Empower 3 software enables your organization to effectively manage data generated by all your chromatography instrumentation, plus run different detection techniques and applications, method development and validation, integrated chemical structures, and polymer analysis. As discussed in this blog, upgrading Empower is a great way to improve your overall laboratory informatics ecosystem, but there are a number of best practice recommendations that are important to follow in order to maximize the benefits of the upgrade for your organization.

Astrix Technology Group has been helping scientific organizations implement and integrate laboratory informatics systems since 1995. The Astrix Team contains highly experienced and knowledgeable Empower experts that can help your organization implement innovative solutions that turn data into knowledge, increase organizational efficiency, improve quality and facilitate regulatory compliance. If you have any questions about Astrix Technology Group service offerings, or if you would like an initial consultation with an Astrix informatics expert to explore how to optimize your Empower and/or LIMS system, don’t hesitate to contact us.