Lab Informatics Industry News and Views for July 2021
Astrix Webinar - Digital Quality as an Enabler

July 28th 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

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As life science organizations look to improve efficiency and optimize their processes, digital enablement is a critical avenue to drive the preferred outcomes. With the advent of newer technology platforms and the adoption of cloud across the supply chain, organizations need to build supporting policies and procedures to enable the business as well as drive optimization across various processes.

Digital quality has now become more of a necessity rather than an aspiration as the business processes evolve and are getting more complex, distributed and global. Establishing the right foundational elements and agreeing upon a roadmap for digital quality will be essential for success.

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Digital Transformation Webcast Series: Revolutionizing Scientific Laboratory Informatics

Astrix is bringing together innovative informatics solutions providers from across the industry that are at the forefront of technology to present cutting edge solutions that will enable the transformation of your laboratory into the digital lab of the future. Join us for this unique series to learn more about these revolutionary advancements in laboratory informatics.

Upcoming Webinar with Alchemy:

“Predictive Chemistry, The Holy Grail for Chemicals & Materials”

  • Date: July 15th 1:00 EST
  • Presenter: Sasha Novakovich, CEO and Co-founder, Alchemy

Upcoming Webinar with TetraScience:

“Overcoming Lab Data Inertia: Learnings from a Decade at the Bench”

  • Date: July 22nd 1:00 EST
  • Presenter: Melby, Life Sciences Data Analyst, TetraScience
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Software Integration in the Laboratory: Leveraging Advanced Tools

In a recent interview with Scientific Computing World, Dave Dorsett, Astrix’s Principal Software Architect, discusses the multiple aspects to the issue of achieving seamless connectivity in the lab and ultimately how to improve the usage of systems, such as LIMS or ELN, to support the lab from the perspective of everyday use.

Case Study: Sourcing a Highly Specialized LIMS Resource for a Major Biopharma Company

A major research-based biopharmaceutical company was working with a commercial LIMS vendor to implement a LIMS for their Biometrics department. Both the company and the LIMS vendor had project teams which interfaced closely to move the project forward. As the project proceeded, it became clear that the company was lacking a business analyst that could work with their internal informatics project team to collect and document user requirements, then interface with the LIMS vendor team to translate those user requirements into functional system requirements.

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Astrix On-Demand Webinar

“Make Better Decisions About Your Biotherapeutic Earlier” – Presented by Protein Metrics

Protein Metrics’ Byosphere™ enables researchers to move from raw data files to report in just minutes. Leveraging a foundation of proprietary analytical algorithms in use at over 150 biopharmaceutical organizations, the platform delivers enterprise level capacity for automation, collaboration and data management which helps smooth the flow of information in an organization from research and development to quality control.

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