Astrix provides comprehensive L7 Informatics L7|ESP services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result. Our science-based Astrix Approach™ offers clients a wide range of services that can help improve lab operations.

L7 Informatics  Services

Astrix provides comprehensive L7 Informatics L7|ESP services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result. Our science-based Astrix Approach™ offers clients a wide range of services that can help improve lab operations. Astrix’s L7 Informatics Services include:

  • Implementation: Our team can help get your lab up and running quickly on L7|ESP with our proven implementation methodology.
  • Upgrades: We can help you stay current with the latest features and functionality of L7|ESP by upgrading your system as new releases become available.
  • Strategic Planning: Our team can help develop a long-term strategy for using L7|ESP to its fullest potential in your lab.
  • Validation: We have the experience and expertise to help you validate your L7|ESP system in accordance with industry standards.
  • Training: We offer comprehensive training on all aspects of using L7|ESP in your lab.

About L7 Informatics

L7 Informatics is a premier provider of laboratory informatics solutions that revolutionize scientific process and data management, advancing precision health across life sciences, healthcare, and nutrition industries. L7 Informatics offers a comprehensive suite of laboratory informatics solutions that help organizations manage data more effectively. This comprehensive lab informatics software suite includes a flexible, secure, and collaborative operating environment that helps organizations solve the challenges of today to realize the Lab of Future.

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L7 Informatics Named to Gartner’s 2020 Cool Vendors in Life Sciences List

Recently named as one of five “Cool Vendors in Life Sciences that technical leaders should watch”, disruptive vendors such as L7 Informatics are poised to help accelerate life science business results by breaking down data silos through an innovative integrated data management strategy.

Breaking Down Data Silos in the Lab: How Integrated Data Management Systems Can Support Diagnostic Labs

Precision Medicine is rapidly becoming the new frontier for the future of healthcare. Molecular diagnostic testing is enabling customized approaches to support more effective treatments targeting the personalized needs of individual patients. To help diagnostic testing organizations overcome the challenges brought about by the increasing need to automate workflows, manage large volumes of data, and meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements, the L7|ESP platform provides the innovative tools needed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s diagnostic laboratories.

Is Your Modern Lab Really that Modern?

In the new digital age, the modern laboratory is focused upon eliminating data silos, allowing them to create efficiencies and streamline the flow of large amounts of data across all steps of the laboratory process. Out-of-the-box data management tools have limitations that don’t meet the integration needs that are required of the disparate and often disjointed scientific software and hardware toolkit. Adopting a holistic approach, one where processes are unified, creates the foundation for strong data provenance and better science.

Turning Silos into Synergies: L7 Informatics Pioneers a Better Way for Precision Diagnostics Process and Data Management

Diagnostics laboratories are faced with many challenges in the effort to digitalize their operations while incorporating advanced technologies such as NGS or AI into their daily workflow. By breaking down data silos with the integrated data management approach of the L7|ESP solutions, next-generation diagnostic companies can provide superior diagnostic service, with reliable and easily accessible data documentation for increased confidence in your results and efficient turnaround time.

On-Demand Webinars

The Future is Now; Addressing the Digitalization of the Lab

One of the foundational elements to reducing data silos and enabling system integration is business-focused enterprise architecture. To achieve an integrated laboratory and unified research program across multiple locations and labs, it is critical for large scientific organizations to conduct an architectural assessment that covers both the current state and desired future state.

In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for this type of architectural assessment, focusing on the “why” and “how” of such an assessment.

Lab Automation, Tomorrow’s Reality is Starting Today

In this presentation, we will look at how L7 can enable companies to achieve level 4 of the digitalization path towards industry 4.0. We will also examine the needs and benefits of standardization and automation of the lab, including external value chain partners. Using L7|ESP, this can be achieved via collecting the data from automation and connected workflows, harmonizing data via scientific ontologies adhering to public standards and FAIR data principles, and ultimately applying Advanced Intelligence to visualize and analyze and unlock the value from all your operational data.


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