Astrix provides comprehensive services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result with Ganymede. Our science-based Astrix Approach offers clients a wide range of services that can help improve lab operations.

About Ganymede

Ganymede connects lab instruments, apps like ELN/LIMS, and other data sources in a single FAIR data cloud. Go beyond SDMS; our data infrastructure and analysis automation allows for automating data capture, entry, and analysis for everything from flow cytometry to HPLC to LIMS to Veeva. Think of it as a data backend-in-a-box for labs, driving scientist time savings, data integrity and compliance, and forming a rich data foundation for AI and scientific insights.

Our Services

Astrix provides comprehensive  services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result for Ganymede.  Core services include:

  • Implementation: Our team can help get your lab up and running quickly on Ganymede with our proven implementation methodology.
  • Upgrades: We can help you stay current with the latest features and functionality of Ganymede by upgrading your system as new releases become available.
  • Strategic Planning: Our team can help develop a long-term strategy for using Ganymede to its fullest potential in your lab.
  • Validation: We have the experience and expertise to help you validate your Ganymede system in accordance with industry standards.
  • Training: We offer comprehensive training on all aspects of using Ganymede in your lab.


Contact us today and let’s begin working on a solution for your most complex strategy, technology and staffing challenges.

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