Astrix Clinical Services Case Study: Clinical Development Technical Strategy

Developed platform-centric technology architecture

Developed 5-year budgeting plan

Aligned disparate user groups



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Optimizing Clinical Development Using a Data-Driven Technical Strategy

Clinical development is essential for providing safe and effective medications to patients in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Research and development of new medications can be a lengthy process, and clinical trials are often complex, expensive, and time-consuming. To combat these issues, pharmaceutical companies must create a technical strategy that allows them to streamline their clinical trial programs and stay up to date with new technologies. This study details how Astrix partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to develop a long-term clinical platform strategy that was focused on security, durability, and future needs. By utilizing a comprehensive approach to planning, analytics, and data reuse, the company was able to speed up the delivery of new drugs, reduce technical debt, and achieve more effective clinical trial outcomes.

Business Objectives

  • Decide on long-term strategy for the clinical platform, with security, resiliency, and future needs in mind, and a roadmap from current to future state​ while reducing technical debt
  • Understand needed capabilities to ensure ability to deliver medicines to patients faster
  • Establish an architecture that will leverage emerging, transformative technology supporting FAIR data principles and driving rapid use and reuse of data in planning and analytics
  • Develop strategic roadmap and detailed plans to facilitate rapid start of the program


business objectives

Results Delivered

  • Defined and aligned disparate user groups on foundational and aspirational capabilities required to meet business goals and objectives
  • Developed a data and platform-centric logical technical architecture, incorporating use of transformative technology
  • Conducted a preliminary RFI to confirm feasibility of strategic direction
  • Developed an aligned high level strategic roadmap linked to solving business challenges and long-term business strategy and priorities
  • Developed detailed 5-year plans which will allow the client to effectively budget and deploy resources to meet strategic objectives
  • Developed a business case for portfolio planning
  • Participated in early mobilization activities (e.g., CDP and Strategic Vendor selection) to ensure ongoing alignment to strategic intent


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