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Streamline Digital Workflows with the New IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud

Lab Informatics

January 29, 2021

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IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is a scalable, enterprise-ready SaaS laboratory informatics platform that supports R&D, biologics development, and drug discovery scientific data management.  It combines the functionality of the best laboratory informatics platforms, beyond the traditional LIMS, ELN or LES.  With state of the art data capture and analysis tools, job requesting and management, inventory management, along with biology and chemistry functionality, E-WorkBook Cloud enables data driven science by dramatically improving efficiencies across your workflow.

To learn more about IDBS technology solutions for your digital transformation journey, watch the on-demand webcast “Avoiding Outcomes Bias and Driving Quality Decisions in Biologics Development” – presented by IDBS.

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Watch the Webcast

Scientists and process engineers estimate that as much as half of their workday is spent finding, reconciling and assembling data that is maintained in disparate systems.  If the data is accessible, it is often in a format that is difficult to work with.  Additionally, it is estimated that 60% of researchers are using paper or Excel based processes to manage their data, with a 30% rework rate as a consequence of manual processes and inability to find and reuse data.  These workflow inefficiencies reduce the ability to make informed and timely decision, negatively impacting time to market.

E-WorkBook Cloud supports your digital transformation initiatives by providing the most effective tools to allow companies to visualize complex processes through a simplified diagram, delivering rapid access to contextualized data in real-time, while eliminating time consuming and inefficient manual processes within your laboratory environment.

E-Workbook Cloud Modules for Customized Workflows

The E-WorkBook Cloud Modules offer a broad range of solutions to meet the evolving business needs and scientific challenges of any enterprise R&D organization.  With the modular design of E-WorkBook Cloud, new capabilities can easily be added when the need arises, without costly infrastructure modifications or complex setup and deployment plans.


IDBS Polar is the world’s first cloud-based BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) platform that eliminates repetitive manual tasks, allowing you to efficiently execute your processes while curating the data you need to accelerate time to market by addressing the biggest challenges in process design, optimization, scale-up and technology transfer.


The E-WorkBook electronic laboratory notebook is a cloud-based enterprise ELN that provides the critical data capture and management backbone of the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud, allowing you to streamline the management of your entire laboratory data needs from a single platform.


Advance provides a centrally managed ontology to enforce consistent data entry and master data management. Easily create assay and workflow templates that allow you to standardize data capture, all while working with the structured Data Mart and reporting engine that enables long-term data management and governance.  All of these capabilities provide strict user governance and audit trails that enable 21CFR Part 11 compliance in regulated environments.


The E-WorkBook Chemistry module supports both internal and outsourced synthetic and process chemistry, with seamless integration into your existing chemistry drawing and registration systems, enabling new ways of working and increased efficiency.


E-Workbook Biology provides enhanced biologics functionality within the notebook alongside integrated biologic registration and inventory capabilities.  This module provides a simple and intuitive interface to allow biologists to display peptide or nucleotide sequences, draw complex biological molecules in HELM format, and register these entities.


E-WorkBook Inventory adds seamless management of all of your laboratory inventory into the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud. Inventory allows you to record your lab equipment, materials and samples, as well as manage the locations they are stored in.  Inventory information can be readily integrated into the locations that it will be used for experimental workflows or analysis.  This proven methodology builds compliance at the point of use and captures the full usage history of laboratory assets for subsequent reporting.


E-WorkBook Integrations provides an extensive set of out-of-the-box integrations, alongside a clear set of integration points and APIs, enabling bi-directional communication between systems to create maximum efficiency across your enterprise.


E-WorkBook Connect removes the challenges of disparate business resources by providing a single, scientific technology capable of providing secure and isolatable areas to do collaborative scientific work where ideas, data and IP can be captured for permanent record in E-WorkBook at the click of a button.


IDBS’s E-WorkBook Request enables simple or multi-step work requests to be raised easily and in real-time to track and fulfill work across a diverse organization. Work progress can be tracked simply via dashboards, notifications and via one-click status updates from within an experiment.


IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is an industry leading platform designed to meet the current and future challenges surrounding scientific data management.  Digital transformation from manual disparate processes to new streamlined efficient workflows is readily achievable with E-WorkBook Cloud.  This unique solution combines the best features of what an ELN delivers along with the key functionality that a legacy LIMS has historically provided.  With nine cloud based modules to choose from, E-WorkBook Cloud offers the flexibility that you need across your organization while enabling you to scale and build as your company evolves.  Bringing more quality data into the decision making process significantly improves time to market by ensuring your analytics and data management are keeping pace with laboratory automation.

An integral part of implementing a successful digital transformation strategy is selecting the right partner to support your informatics needs.  With over 25 years of industry proven experience, Astrix has the informatics specialists and business process analysis tools required to develop and implement the solution that works best for your enterprise.





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