Life Sciences 2022 Salary Guide by Astrix Scientific and Technical Staffing

If you are in the life science industry, you know that salaries have been growing rapidly. To meet growth targets and compete for talent, it’s essential to understand the expectations of current and prospective employees when it comes to salary. That’s why we’ve created the 2022 Life Sciences Salary Guide. This guide is your go-to resource for up-to-date salaries in the life science industry.

Download this free guide to:

  • Get ahead of your competition by understanding current and prospective employee expectations for salaries in the life science industry.
  • Get insights on the fastest-growing jobs, biotech and life science hotbeds, and what the average salaries are by industry and position.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with innovative approaches to talent strategy.

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More About Astrix Scientific Staffing

Astrix was founded by scientists in 1995 and we continue to be laser focused on solving the most pressing technology and staffing challenges – in the lab and beyond.

We offer an array of flexible staffing services to organizations in need of top technologists and scientific professionals. Our network spans chemists and biologists to engineers and IT specialists.

Whether you are an organization looking to add to your scientific or technical teams or a professional in these areas, Astrix is highly adept at creating great matches that lead to long-term success and results.

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