LabWare Services

Astrix provides comprehensive LabWare LIMS and ELN services to maximize lab efficiency and improve time to result. Using the Astrix Approach™, we offer science-based companies a wide range of LabWare services including:

  • LabWare Implementation
  • LabWare Upgrades
  • LabWare Strategic Planning
  • LabWare Validation
  • LabWare Training

Whether you need onsite, onshore or nearshore resources, Astrix’s flexible delivery model can provide a customized project team to deliver the solution that is right for both your business and your budget.

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About LabWare

LabWare is a premier provider of enterprise-scale laboratory automation solutions to equip laboratories with a suite of informatics products that encompass LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), and LES (Laboratory Execution System) in an integrated platform.

LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform increases your lab’s productivity, throughput, efficiency, data integrity, and compliance, to modernize and future-proof your lab.

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Tips for working with Master Data in LabWare

The design and configuration of master data has a dramatic impact on scalability and system maintenance activities. In this blog, we present a number of tips for master data configuration that will help to keep the core of your implementation solid.

Six Tips to Optimize Your LabWare Implementation and Upgrades

In this blog, we’ll discuss key best practice recommendations to follow during your LabWare implementation or upgrade that to ensure your project is successful in optimizing compliance, improving quality, and reducing costs to drive increased productivity and innovation in your laboratory.

Maintaining and Upgrading LabWare LIMS

In order to maximize ROI on your LabWare LIMS, it is critical to create a strategy to accomplish system maintenance and upgrades in an efficient and effective manner once the system is implemented to ensure compliance and reduce the overall cost of ownership of your LabWare LIMS.

Case Studies:

Case Study: LabWare Centralized Data Review for a Global Biopharmaceutical Company

A global biopharmaceutical company specializing in discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines chose Astrix to customize LabWare LIMS for the automated selection of commercial lots for review.

The Astrix Impact:

The project was completed in 3 months. The results from the project include:

  • The commercial oversight lot selection process was dramatically improved. The manual selection process was completely eliminated.
  • The risk for missing a necessary review was greatly reduced since the new system is automated.
  • The review process was centralized by making use of LabWare LIMS visual workflows. The review team could easily track and manage lots for review in one place.
  • The review process was made more flexible and traceable since the lot selection rules can be configured by the business on the fly and support auditing.

Case Study: LabWare LIMS Implementation for a Global CRO

A global contract research organization (CRO) specializing in clinical research faced with replacing a 25-year-old laboratory informatics system (LIMS) that was central to running their core business.

The Astrix Impact:

The resulting LabWare Services solution has delivered numerous benefits to the laboratory staff, including:

  • Simplified workflows in the lab.
  • Better insight into laboratory workflows and supporting data.
  • Real-time visibility into production issues with the instruments.
  • Ability to spot potential bottlenecks in the capacity for throughput.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, providing better traceability of the samples across the business process workflows. Better laboratory performance. Due to the enhanced data management capabilities, the throughput of laboratory samples was improved by almost 50%. This has allowed the client to process a greater number of samples at a time.
  • Fewer systems to manage. As a result of this project, the client was able to consolidate 5-6 different legacy systems being utilized in the laboratory domain into one.

Case Study: SAP Augmentation via LabWare Integration

Astrix LabWare Integration enabled a global company with operations across 54 countries to streamline their process for entering, documenting, and reporting their compliance with environmental regulations associated with water quality, including ISO/IEC 17025. In under six months, the client enjoyed measurably faster sample lifecycle with dramatically larger volume of samples analyzed.

The Astrix Impact:

The project was completed in 5 months, on-time and on-budget—a success in the eyes of the client. Project results included:

  • Company employees succeeded at integrating an impressive volume of RS232 instruments (such as scales) and complex instruments (such as HPLC).
  • Data flow between the Laboratory and Quality Control functions is faster and more reliable as a result of the LabWare interface with SAP.
  • Sample lifecycle is faster, with a dramatically increased volume of sample analysis, as a result of the rate of calculations performed by the LabWare system.
  • The company was able to document compliance with governmental regulations and with ISO/IEC 17025 thanks to the LabWare audit and traceability features.

White Papers:

White Paper – Maximizing the Business Value of your LabWare System

There are many important considerations to take into account when developing or maintaining your LabWare system to capitalize on its full potential to transform your laboratory operations. In this white paper, we’ll discuss key best practice recommendations to ensure your deployment maximizes business value and delivers a superior return on investment (ROI) for your organization.

On-Demand Webinars:

KPIs can also provide insight into continuous improvement opportunities to increase laboratory productivity. Dashboards and Reports in LabWare LIMS can easily offer quick, real-time laboratory performance metrics. The webinar will discuss how to use KPIs to track and improve laboratory performance and provides a practical guide for setting up KPIs in LabWare LIMS.

Astrix On-Demand Webinar – Master Data Design Considerations

This webinar provides insight into how building the right Master Data architecture will improve workflows, allow for better maintainability over the long term, avoid common pitfalls, and create a data structure which will allow your laboratory to function more smoothly.

Astrix On-Demand Webinar – Designing LabWare Solutions for Maintainability and Scalability

LabWare LIMS offers a broad range of user-configurable functionality, enabling the system to be readily adapted and optimized to your operational needs as your business changes. While this flexibility offers many benefits, it also presents unique challenges when implementing, maintaining or upgrading the system. Designing your system solutions with scalability and maintainability in mind needs to be a top priority.