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Astrix Digital Transformation Podcast Productions tackles today’s most compelling issues shaping digital transformation in scientific businesses. In this series, interviews with thought leaders from across the industry deliver expert insights for accelerating your digital transformation strategy.

Episode #9  August 2022

Digital Transformation in HR with a focus on life sciences

About this Episode

Digital transformation is a process of change that affects all aspects of an organization, from how it operates to how it connects with customers. Human resource professionals must find new ways to recruit and manage employees to stay competitive in a rapidly changing workplace. The life sciences industry is no exception, and the ever-growing demand for talent challenges HR professionals in this field. They must find ways to attract and retain top talent while also managing the ever-changing needs of their workforce.

In this podcast, we discuss the challenges that come with digital transformation in HR, specifically within the life sciences industry. We explore how HR professionals can adapt their recruitment and management strategies to keep up with the demands of a changing workforce.

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