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Program #7  June 2022

Top 6 Considerations When Selecting a Safety System

About this Program

Pharmacovigilance is an extremely important component to success for organizations in the Pharma and Biotech industries.  We are at an interesting time in today’s PV landscape as there are several new systems coming to market as well as significant upgrades to systems already in the market.  Choosing the proper system to support an organization’s safety efforts requires considering many factors. It involves managing the critical decisions that are involved to come to the optimal solution and a digital transformation of the way things are done.

In this Episode, we focus on 6 key considerations when selecting a safety system for your organization. We look at the critical factors contributing to selecting the right system to manage the pharmacovigilance process by speaking with experts on the topic.


Alan Summer

Vice President of Pharmacovigilance Delivery Services at Astrix

Heather Adinolfi

Senior Consultant at ResultWorks, an Astrix Business

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