Scientific Data Insights

Every laboratory comes with its own unique set of data management challenges, opportunities and goals. As a technology neutral vendor with expertise across hundreds of platforms, we work with you to build a laboratory informatics strategy that is fine-tuned to your unique operating model.

The modern analytical laboratory produces enormous amounts of data, but utilizing all this data to produce business intelligence can be challenging, especially for global enterprises with laboratories in disparate locations. At Astrix, we utilize over 20 years of experience in laboratory informatics consulting to help you develop an integrated data management and reporting system, effectively connecting and harmonizing all your laboratory data and informatics systems (LIMS, ELN, CDS, SDMS, etc.) across multiple locations. This will allow your organization to gain a centralized 360-degree view of laboratory data and develop a consolidated reporting system.

But accessing your data is only the first step in the journey to creating the kind of actionable insights your business wants and needs. Laboratory data often needs to be combined with data from other parts of the organization in order to truly fulfill its potential for improving business processes and profits. Different data sources, formats and structures, however, often make it difficult to bring all this data together for analysis. Our data experts help you harmonize and aggregate all your organizational and laboratory data into the proper format for the analytical algorithms that generate critical business knowledge.

Data analytics is a crucial step in the practice of producing business knowledge from your laboratory and organizational data. To integrate this important process into your business, our data scientists first build an analytical model, using predictive modeling tools or other analytics software and programming languages, to work on your harmonized data sets. The model is trained (tested and revised) to ensure it produces accurate results. Finally, our team utilizes data visualization techniques, complete with charts and other infographics, in order to communicate the results generated by analytical software to business executives and other end users to aid in decision-making.

Astrix provides you with the tools to turn your data into knowledge, and ultimately the business intelligence that helps you stay competitive in today’s challenging business environment.

Potential Organizational Benefits of Effective Data Analytics:

  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces time to market for new products
  • Facilitates better business decisions
  • Provides better organizational agility
  • Drives scientific discovery and research
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Increases profits
  • Reduces operational costs