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Astrix Digital Transformation Podcast Productions tackles today’s most compelling issues shaping digital transformation in scientific businesses. In this series, interviews with thought leaders from across the industry deliver expert insights for accelerating your digital transformation strategy.

2023 Podcast

Episode 1 – January 2023

The New Age of Decentralized Clinical Trials

The modernization of clinical trials and the role of decentralized clinical trials are becoming an important focus in the industry. Life sciences organizations are facing a changing ecosystem. Patient access-diversity is driving the need for different types of interactions with the various stakeholders, as well as with the sponsors. It is also impacting how process, technology, interoperability, and digital maturity, are playing a role in providing patient-centric and patient-site enabled services.

Episode 13 – December 2022

Unlocking Digital Transformation Through Expert Program Management

In this podcast, we will be discussing one of the most common pitfalls in digital transformation – falling into the trap of becoming too focused on technology. As organizations seek new ways to become more efficient, they often look towards technology to solve their problems. However, when this focus becomes too narrow, and technology is allowed to drive the transformation process, organizations can miss vital opportunities for value creation and true business transformation.

Episode 12 – November 2022

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Pharmacovigilance

In this Episode, we focus on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Pharmacovigilance. We discuss some of the key terminology associated with AI, some of the drivers of AI and ML in PV, as well as how these technologies are answering the call of duty today and how they will continue to impact the PV area into the future.

Episode 11 – October 2022

The lab of the future is here, and it’s voice-activated!

Despite advances in scientific software, research is still largely bound to its paper-based origins. Even in the most “connected” labs, scientists still have to capture data and observations manually. With LabVoice, scientists can now focus on their research without worrying about data capture and observation. LabVoice revolutionizes the concept of the lab of the future, making interactions with instruments and software hands-free and easier than ever before.

Episode 10 – September 2022

7 Techniques to Ensure Your PV Implementation Succeeds

This episode features industry best practices for implementing, and updating, pharmacovigilance systems from an expert who’ll share both industry best practices and his own insights from two decades of successful PV program management. This conversation is nothing short of a Master Class in working with pharmacovigilance systems.

Episode 9- August 2022

Digital Transformation in HR with a focus on life sciences

Digital transformation is a process of change that affects all aspects of an organization, from how it operates to how it connects with customers. Human resource professionals must find new ways to recruit and manage employees to stay competitive in a rapidly changing workplace. The life sciences industry is no exception, and the ever-growing demand for talent challenges HR professionals in this field. They must find ways to attract and retain top talent while also managing the ever-changing needs of their workforce.

In this podcast, we discuss the challenges that come with digital transformation in HR, specifically within the life sciences industry. We explore how HR professionals can adapt their recruitment and management strategies to keep up with the demands of a changing workforce.

Episode 8- July 2022

Decode the Generations: Leading the Digital Evolution

Generational impact in digital transformation is a complex challenge that all companies face as they reinvent business models, leveraging technologies that streamline processes and empower personnel with knowledge and tools to do their job more effectively and innovate faster. Understanding ‘inclusive digital transformation’ will enable you to master digital evolution and cultivate the next wave of Gen Z Digital Leaders.   

Episode 7 – June 2022

Top 6 Considerations When Selecting a Safety System

Pharmacovigilance is an extremely important component to success for organizations in the Pharma and Biotech industries.  We are at an interesting time in today’s PV landscape as there are several new systems coming to market as well as significant upgrades to systems already in the market.  Choosing the proper system to support an organization’s safety efforts requires considering many factors. It involves managing the critical decisions that are involved to come to the optimal solution and a digital transformation of the way things are done.

Episode 6 – May 2022

How to Find the Best Talent to Drive your Digital Transformation Program

Science-based organizations are struggling with how to make the most of software and technology advancements. They’re often left behind as new, innovative ways for industry breakthroughs become widespread across all sectors, mainly because these efforts require scientists with multidisciplinary talents, and it is challenging to source specialized skill sets required in many jobs today to drive digital transformation.

But what if we told you there was a way your organization could be on top? The answer lies within staff augmentation. Staff augmentation uses outside personnel temporarily to scale an organization’s capacity quickly.

Episode 5 – April 2022

Blueprint for Building a Better Data Governance Framework

Data Governance is an extremely important component of a digital transformation and being able to manage the critical implementation of strategies, methods, and frameworks for data governance is an imperative to ensure success overall in the transformation. 

 In this episode, we focus on the importance of Data Governance in the biopharma industry. We look at some key factors contributing to developing a successful Data Governance program speaking with our experts on the topic. 

Episode 4 – March 2022

Data Integrity:  Strategies and Tactics for Avoiding Disaster in Program Implementation

While it may never happen to you, there ARE times when a data management system suffers a critical hit and no longer performs. The accelerated pace of efforts towards digital transformation to serve critical data science initiatives can be a contributing factor to failures. In this program, Dave Dorsett, Astrix Principal Software Architect, guides you through strategic approaches that will help remediate systems more efficiently, and even avoid situations leading to catastrophic failure.

Episode 3 – February 2022

Next Level Digital Transformation: Reimagining What’s Possible

Everyone pursues digital transformation but many fail to fully realize its potential. Why is this? More urgently, though, what can you do to avoid both the buyer’s remorse and frustration that follows so many efforts at modernization via automation? Dave Dorset, Astrix Principal Software Architect, has some valuable insights from his time on both sides of the client-consultant table. You’re going to want to hear his insights on ways to ensure your digital transformation initiative delivers the changes you envision in your organization.

Episode 2 – December 2021

Why Digital Transformations Fail: Cause & Recovery

In this program, we analyze the key factors leading to the high failure rate of digital transformation programs that is impacting not only the scientific community, but all industries that are looking to digitally transform their business. Joining us for this very timely and insightful discussion is one of the top experts in digital transformation, Rob Walla, Vice President of Professional Services at Astrix. We will take a deep dive into the root causes underlying digital transformation failure and the steps your organization can take to bring your digital transformation journey back on course.

Episode 1 -October 2021

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Science-based Businesses 

Astrix Digital Transformation Podcast Productions tackles today’s most compelling issues shaping digital transformation in scientific businesses. In this episode, Dale Curtis, CEO of Astrix and Dave Levy, Global Product Director of Scitara Corporation join forces to discuss the optimum strategy to accelerate digital transformation within the scientific laboratory.