On Demand Webinar – Embracing the New R&D Paradigm with Structured Data and Insights

On Demand Webinar from Astrix Technology Group and Benchling

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Life sciences R&D is evolving rapidly. We’ve experienced a surge in new research and therapeutic modalities. Innovative life science companies are aligning around scientific platforms and forming specialized teams with dedicated areas of expertise. This new R&D paradigm requires a higher degree of collaboration and data exchange, often amongst teams that are functionally or geographically distinct. Legacy software and bioinformatics infrastructure has left companies vulnerable to these new challenges. COVID-19 has exposed these vulnerabilities as teams have been forced to work remote from the lab and disconnected from each other.

Rashi Takkar, Product Marketing Manager at Benchling, will discuss approaches to embracing the new R&D paradigm, and the role software plays in driving structured data capture, exchange, and collaboration. In her role at Benchling, Rashi has observed hundreds of R&D transformations within life sciences R&D and will examine a case study of how one top biopharma company has worked with Benchling to bring about its next digital transformation.

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