Join us at the 2022 BIOVIA Virtual Conference!

Please join Astrix at this year’s Virtual Conference by Biovia

Thursday, October 13th from 10:20 – 10:40 am EST for a webinar by Astrix.

Title: The Recipe for Success When Deploying Your BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics Projects

Abstract: With the primary focus within the lab being the science, companies often need additional support and structure to effectively execute a laboratory informatics project. Having an organized team as well as a defined process ensures that you are getting the most out of your solution. Throughout this discussion we will review the necessary components and lifecycle of a successful BIOVIA implementation.

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At the 2022 BIOVIA Conference, attendees will hear expert presentations from customers, industry thought leaders, and BIOVIA staff. See demonstrations of the latest technologies and interact with BIOVIA product experts. The conference is free to attend.

As a BIOVIA Consulting Partner, Astrix works to collaborate with customers, partners and BIOVIA teams to offer solution-specific consulting to help enterprises build a scalable, integrated, and supported laboratory informatics application landscape.

Astrix’s full range of BIOVIA scientific software portfolio services include:

  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Strategic Planning
  • Validation
  • Training

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