Astrix Webinar – Master Data Design Considerations

Lab InformaticsA webinar sponsored by Astrix Technology Group

Date:  Wednesday November 18, 2020

Time:  1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT


Master data is the core set of information which provides the context in which the LIMS operates, and is a critical part of any deployment. For any given set of business requirements, or processes there are a number of different designs that can be considered. Over the longer term, there can be large differences in the maintainability of different designs. Additionally, companies often focus on the functionality of a new LIMS, while leaving business resources to address the Master Data effort as production release approaches. This late timing can often lead to issues, delays, and important decisions not being given the time they deserve.

This webinar will provide attendees with insight into how building the right Master Data architecture will improve workflows, allow for better maintainability over the long term, avoid common pitfalls, and create a data structure which will allow your laboratory to function more smoothly.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Essential decisions which will ensure success on any master data effort
  • Key considerations when designing master data
  • Critical team skills
  • Suggested coordination with the broader deployment efforts
  • A LabWare specific master data case study


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