Laboratory Integration

The Integrated Laboratory:  Keys to Unlocking Efficiency

According to research conducted by the SmartLab Exchange in 2016, long decision making processes, legacy systems and lack of clarity in requirements have been identified as some of the key challenges that vendors and companies face when deploying laboratory informatics systems.

Realizing the promise of laboratory automation requires a holistic, value-driven approach that integrates your equipment, processes, and systems. Whether automating a single step or your entire workflow, we help you design solutions that optimize productivity, elevate data quality and reduce cycle times.

We help clients get a handle on the issues, make a plan to improve efficencies, and implement solutions.  Solutions may include streamlined business processes, best-of-breed software solutions, and custom code – purpose built for your laboratory needs.

Assessments are often the first step in the journey to enhance laboratory automation, compliance, system integration, and business processes.  Astrix offers a variety of tool sets based on best practices and industry experience.  Explore our assessment offerings to learn more.

Laboratory Assessments we offer (click to explore):

Laboratory Efficiency Assessment

Business Case Assessment

Compliance Assessment

System and Technology Assessment

Architectural Assessment