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Laboratory informatics is the specialized application of information technology aimed at optimizing and extending laboratory operations. It includes data acquisition through sensors and hardware or voice, instrument interfacing, laboratory networking, data processing, specialized data management systems (such as a chromatography data system), a laboratory information management system, scientific data management (including data mining and data warehousing), and knowledge management (including the use of an electronic lab notebook). It has become more prevalent with the rise of other “informatics” disciplines such as bioinformatics, cheminformatics and health informatics.

Astrix Technology Group is in the center of this technology revolution.  We are a leading service provider for a variety of laboratory informatics technologies including LIMS, ELN and Chromatography systems.  Beyond the work we do with these discrete disciplines, we also provide strategic services aimed at helping labs move towards the cloud and digital automation

What we do?

Astrix is a services partner of many leading Lab Informatics software vendors.  Services include Implementation, Vendor Selection, Upgrades, Training, Custom Integration and more.

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