National Eye Institute

Job Description:

· Manage and perform the fiduciary responsibilities associated with the IC’s financial and budget administration systems which ensure against over-obligation of funds and avoids the premature release of budget authority levels in excess of those appropriated, authorized or distributed by law.

· Work collaboratively with senior budget analysts and the NEI Budget Officer to develop milestones, objectives and plans to achieve the IC's long and short-term mission priorities.

· Be responsible for assisting with developing new reporting and tracking tools that will enable managers at NEI to better track and manage their budgets throughout the fiscal year.

· Conduct periodic internal audits to ensure that CANs, object classification codes, and systems are being used correctly.

· Assist senior budget analysts and the NEI Budget Officer in collecting information for outside audit inquiries and other special projects.

· Develops and coordinates the data necessary to provide draft language to the Appropriation committees for use in reports, bills and acts

· Prepares questions pertaining to IC program areas in anticipation of Congressional interest at the time of hearings

· Aids in developing related material used to brief the IC Director for testimony and other meetings

· Performs similar information-gathering and budget justification tasks in response to requests from Congress and for occasional public requests which do not require high-level Executive Branch clearance



Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $65,000.00 – $85,000.00 per year







Work Location: Hybrid remote in Bethesda, MD 20892