Details: 1 Year Contract

Qualifications: Work location is either Boston or Cambridge MA,

Education Minimum Requirement:

Required Experience and Skills:

Responsibilities: The Data, AI & Genome Sciences department is looking for a passionate and talented computational biology scientist to join our Computational Biology and Genomics research team for a contract role based in Cambridge / Boston, MA. In this role, you will apply machine learning and bioinformatics approaches to analyze large multi-scale and multi-omics datasets in collaboration with cross-functional teams of computational biologists, data scientists and colleagues in Discovery Research to support target discovery and drug development efforts. Oncology research is driven by a deep interest in the biology of tumor and its microenvironment, and how diverse points of intervention can be combined to achieve ever higher rates of durable response and patient overall survival. In this exciting role, you will: * Contribute to multiple stages of drug discovery to decode genetic dependencies and identify therapeutic targets by interrogating high-throughput assays, including genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics datasets. * Collaborate with experimental scientists across functions to characterize novel targets coming from genetics, translational and disease pathway exploration, explore target engagement, research mechanisms of action, and provide functional validation of novel drug targets. * Work with large internal and public biological data sets including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data (e.g. RNA-Seq, Perturb-Seq, single cell RNA-Seq, WGS, CRISPR) * Be proactive and work collaboratively across disciplines, including molecular biologists, protein scientists, bioinformaticians, and software engineers. * Employ best reproducible research and data integrity practices to generate reusable analysis frameworks and reports to support Discovery Oncology target identification and validation efforts.