Dotmatics collaborates with LabVoice to enable voice assisted laboratory workflows

Posted on Laboratory Technology. 4 December, 2020

The integration of Dotmatics’ electronic lab notebook (ELN) with LabVoice’s scientific vocabularies and voice transcription enables capabilities to streamline R&D data capture.  This game changing technology allows scientists to operate in a hands-free environment, improving workflow efficiency and data integrity.

Dotmatics, a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory data workflows for scientific discovery and innovation research, have partnered with LabVoice to provide scientists with the ability to record, access, and track data within an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) using hands-free, voice assisted technology. The integration streamlines data capture into Dotmatics’ web-based ELN through LabVoice’s scientific virtual assistant, saving scientists’ time and improving overall data integrity.

Manual data entry, especially on a large scale, can be hindered by speed, accuracy, and misinterpretation. Through this collaboration, scientists will now be able to operate in a hands-free laboratory environment, using their voice to request the status of instruments, sort samples, capture measurements and adjust experiments all in real-time, improving data integrity and user compliance. Streamlined data capture within the ELN will avoid duplicate transcription and save time by reducing unnecessary movement between the computer and lab bench. This innovative technology also eliminates the burden on scientists who are required to use personal protection equipment each time they re-enter the lab. LabVoice’s scientific virtual assistant will guide users through experimental protocols, prompting the next step in the workflow, making it faster and easier to complete tasks, while ensuring efficient data capture which can be accessed immediately through the ELN.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with LabVoice and are inspired by the possibilities our customers now have in automating data from scientists in real-time, further complemented by our instrument data capture offering on behalf of BioBright. By streamlining research workflows, scientists will be free to spend more time on analysis and decision making with the cleanest and best data. We’re now looking to identify additional client use cases and in the longer-term hope to integrate LabVoice’s technology with a range of Dotmatics software to support customers journeys towards the lab of the future.”  Dr. Stephen Gallagher, Co-Founder and CEO, Dotmatics

The combination of the Dotmatics ELN and the LabVoice platform offers researchers a significant step change in the digital transformation of their current laboratory workflows. This new technology allows scientists to focus on the science of their experiments while leveraging digital assistance to increase their laboratory efficiency, data integrity and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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