October 2021

Digital Transformation of Quality in the Life Science Industry

In this eBook we review several of the key challenges and imperatives in order to achieve a digital transformation of the quality function.

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Transitioning from computer systems validation to computer systems assurance

With the new CSA approach, Life Sciences organizations are now able to embrace digital transformation across their business along with the challenges that Industry 4.0 brings. This is hopefully the beginning of the changes that will take place to help Life Science organization to leverage technology to expand into the future.

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Quality Management in the Cloud The Technology Advantage and How it Impacts the Quality Function

The cloud has become mainstream with a computing infrastructure offering extensive computing power, copious data storage, scalability, stability, and a reduced data security risk. Given its benefits across the organization, the quality function is a perfect area to leverage this technology to improve operational efficiencies.

The reality is that the digitization journey will be different for everyone, based upon the unique set of circumstances surrounding your business. In this article you will learn how to establish the three pillars that build the foundation for all successful digital transformation initiatives: People, Process and Technology.

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Driving Growth through Digital Quality and Compliance

Digital quality for life sciences organizations has now become more of a necessity rather than an aspiration as your business processes evolve and are getting more complex, distributed, and global. Establishing the right foundational elements and agreeing upon a roadmap for digital quality will be essential for success and business growth.

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