October 2022

2022 Laboratory Informatics Progress Snapshot on Enabling the Digital Lab of the Future

Astrix, a premier partner enabling dedicated digital transformation, strategic innovation, business process optimization, and specialized staffing services for science-based operations, announces the release of our annual marquee report on the state of laboratory modernization as reported by our clients and their peers: Laboratory Informatics 2022.

Astrix Webinar – Agilent OpenLab CDS for Compliant Analytical Labs to Ensure Data Integrity, Security, and Traceability

Date: October 19, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM EST

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What is OpenLab CDS and how it can be used in a compliant laboratory setting.
  • How to configure OpenLab CDS compliance features to meet FDA rules and guidelines for data integrity, data security, and data traceability.
  • The features of OpenLab CDS which provide secure data storage with access control and audit trails.

Podcast – Digital Transformation in HR with a focus on life sciences

In this podcast, we discuss the challenges that come with digital transformation in HR, specifically within the life sciences industry. We explore how HR professionals can adapt their recruitment and management strategies to keep up with the demands of a changing workforce.

Podbook – Decode the Generations: Leading the Digital Evolution

Generational impact in digital transformation is a complex challenge that all companies face as they reinvent business models, leveraging technologies that streamline processes and empower personnel with knowledge and tools to do their job more effectively and innovate faster. Understanding ‘inclusive digital transformation’ will enable you to master digital evolution and cultivate the next wave of Gen Z Digital Leaders.  

LIMS Vendor Technical Brief

Simplified Data Exchange using SampleManager™ LIMS REST API

As organizations strive to improve data quality and strengthen data integrity, many are turning to modern application programming interfaces (APIs) to streamline data management. Thermo Scientific’s™ SampleManager™ LIMS REST API is one such solution that enables users to securely connect different software applications and databases for simplified data exchange, eliminating the need for custom development or integration.

Upcoming Events

Astrix is a Gold Sponsor for the ALMA 2022 Conference and Expo

Dates: October 10 – 13, 2022

Location: Chapel Hill, NC


Astrix Staffing Scientific Staffing to Sponsor GULF COAST CONFERENCE 2022

Dates: October 11 – 12, 2022

Location: Galveston, TX


Astrix On-Demand Webcast

Realizing the Potential of AI & ML to Achieve Next-Level Vigilance & Safety

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