January 2022

Astrix Digital Transformation Podcast Productions

Episode #2– Why Digital Transformations Fail?

In this episode, we analyze the key factors leading to the high failure rate of digital transformation programs that is impacting not only the scientific community, but all industries that are looking to digitally transform their business. Joining us for this very timely and insightful discussion is one of the top experts in digital transformation, Rob Walla, Vice President of Professional Services at Astrix. We will take a deep dive into the root causes underlying digital transformation failure and the steps your organization can take to bring your digital transformation journey back on course. 

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Astrix Webinar – Transforming Clinical Development via a Data Centric Platform Based Technology Approach

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Common technology challenges across clinical development
  • What is a data centric platform-based approach?
  • Capturing business and technical capabilities leading to stakeholder alignment on an actionable clinical technical strategy


Podbook: Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Lab

Astrix Digital Transformation Podcast Productions tackles today’s most compelling issues shaping digital transformation in scientific businesses. In this episode, Dale Curtis, CEO of Astrix and Dave Levy, Global Product Director of Scitara Corporation join forces to discuss the optimum strategy to accelerate digital transformation within the scientific laboratory.

Antibody by Design: Digital Transformation Advances Biopharma R&D

Therapeutic antibody development is one of the most promising areas of focus for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and a broad spectrum of other medical conditions. Their high specificity and precise drug delivery are two unique attributes leading to their effectiveness towards difficult to treat diseases. However, this area of R&D is also one of the most challenging across all aspects of design, manufacturing, and formulation.

Astrix On-Demand Webinar

Digitalization of Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development – Presented by Bionamic

In this webcast we discuss:

  • The importance of a single universe for all discovery and development data.
  • Why software workflows rarely work in discovery settings, and what to do instead.
  • How to drive user compliance by demonstrating real and fast value.

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