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Ho Ho Ho! Tis’ the season for glad tidings and goodwill. Whether you’re heading to the North Pole or enjoying the holidays at home, bundle up by the fireplace with a cup of holiday cheer and some great digital transformation reads from Astrix.  

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SampleManager Modules:  Everything you need to know to get the most value from your SampleManager LIMS

Digital Data Strategy for the Lab

Learn about the current trends in laboratory informatics from the industry experts

In recent years, scientific research has transitioned from being process driven to highly data driven, with decisions being made on ever increasing volumes of data from a wide variety of sources.

However, in many laboratories, there is still significant manual data processing that takes place as data is collected by scientists, from CROs or from instruments.

As a result, research organizations struggle with the issue of how to bring scientific data together to make optimal decisions and increase data accuracy and efficiency.

Automation of data collection, processing and consumption is critical to improve both efficiency and data integrity.

Don’t let the data Grinch compromise the integrity of your science!

Increasing Efficiency and Data Accuracy: How to Get Back 90 Mins a Day Wasted Looking for Data

Integrating Lab Data Automation and Scientific Informatics to Facilitate Data Centric Research

Industry-leading organizations are focusing on achieving a digital transformation of their laboratories driven by expected improvement in operational efficiency and by more sophisticated use of their data. A wintry mix of undefined scope or objectives, insufficient resources and lack of management commitment can create a polar vortex within your program. The path forward on your digital transformation journey requires the development of a strategic roadmap that incorporates technology, people, and processes and effective program management to deliver a successful outcome.

Why Strategic LIMS Program Management is Critical to the Success of your LIMS Deployment


A well deployed LIMS is vital for effectively managing R&D data and workflows to achieve regulatory compliance and fuel the data-centric analytics engines that drive the digital lab of the future.

Choosing the right LIMS program manager is the key to effectively navigating the process, leading to the successful and timely deployment of your LIMS.

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Case Study: Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap for a Global Biopharmaceutical Company


One of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies was seeking assistance in developing a multi-year digital transformation strategy encompassing their global R&D Sciences divisions. The drive towards significant increases in R&D productivity can only be achieved through scalable, integrated, and automated solutions coupled with deep understanding of the human component for change management and information sharing.

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